Hairartist, Kimberly Bamford
American Board Certified Haircolorist
​Balayage and Color Correction Expert
Owner/Master Stylist

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As an American Board Certified Haircolorist since 2013 and former color educator to other professionals, I believe continuing education is a must! Balayage and the newest trend of 2018, American Balayage are my specialties, having invested in advanced certifications in Lisa Walker's Balayage Bootcamp, The Business of Balayage and The Hairdoo Chick. I have knowledge, practice and skills to create youthful, organic, lived in looking color that's low maintanance and gorgeous. Take a peek at my gallery below for some examples! Color-correction is also an area of expertise that being a board certified colorist gives me the experience to help you reach your dream haircolor goals. ​​

Anyone who knows me knows that hair is not just my profession, but my passion. When you sit in my chair, relax with a coffee, wine or other refreshment (sangria anyone?) and my home-baked cookies or array of snacks at my station and know your that you are in good hands.  Classically cool or trend-setting,  you can trust me with your custom color,  cut (razor cuts are my fave!) and as a Devacurl certified stylist, curly hair.  Soft, organic shapes and colors (and the occasional rainbow color!) bring out the beauty of my clients. Online booking makes scheduling with me easy and efficient. I welcome you to book a free consultation. I can't wait to meet you!

When not behind the chair, I can be found, spring through fall, living aboard my antique wooden boat at Ring's Island Marina, bwowsing yard sales and farmers markets or reading a good book on the beach. I'm also content snuggled at home with my 3 blonde, blue eyed boys, Bil, Bert and Piggy (hubby and my goofy cats), dining out in my lovely hometown of Amesbury or Newburyport or daydreaming about my next travel adventure. (this  March was South Africa! What a dream trip!!!)

The first in the area to use the one and only Olaplex Bond Repair, I truly believe that:
"Healthy hair is beautiful hair!" 

Kimberly's​​ Gallery

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